10 Unusual Deaths That Sound Too Unbelievable To Be True – Part 1

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6 A 49-year-old woman named Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov died of a heart attack reportedly from the shock of coming back to life at her own funeral.

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov
Image Source: blumhouse

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov of Russia was first declared dead by the doctors due to a suspected heart attack or other heart-related reasons. During her funeral, according to her husband Fagili Mukhametzyanov, her eyes fluttered and she was immediately rushed back to the hospital. She only lived for 12 minutes and was pronounced dead yet again from heart failure due to the shock of coming back to life at her own funeral.(source)

7 In a bizarre incident, a man named João Maria de Souza was crushed by a cow that fell through the roof of his home. His wife, who was lying next to him, and the cow were unharmed. 

Joao Maria de Souza
Image Source: telegraph

The forty-five-year-old João Maria de Souza was in bed with his wife when a cow from the nearby farm from over an adjoining hill escaped and climbed onto their roof. The corrugated roof gave way under the cow’s weight and the 1.5-ton cow fell on him from a height of eight feet. The tragedy of his death was that there were no visible injuries except for a fractured leg, He was conscious and talking normally so his treatment wasn’t rushed. According to his family, they were still waiting for the doctors to see him when he died of internal bleeding.(source)

8 A 29-year-old woman was killed when a brick fell off a truck passing in the opposite direction and crashed through the windscreen of her car.


The incident occurred while Olga Gaikovichn and her husband were traveling in their Audi A4 on a road in Russia. The whole incident was captured by the driver’s dashcam and shows the car driving normally along a dual carriageway. As they traveled along the road, a brick from a truck traveling on the other side of the road got dislodged and crashed into their car’s windscreen. Gaikovichn was rushed to a nearby hospital but died because of her injuries.(source)


9 Robert Mwaijega, a fisherman, died after one of the live fishes he caught flip-flopped and jumped into his mouth and squeezed itself down his throat and chest, suffocating and killing him. 

Robert Mwaijega
Image Source: eatthis

forty-seven-year-old Mwaijega from Kanga, Kyela district, Tanzania, was fishing in one of the rivers that flow into Lake Nyasa in East African Rift Valley when he died. According to Emmanuel Mwammgunda who accompanied him along with a few other fishermen, they caught a lot of perege, a common member of tilapia species, which were still alive and flopping about in his boat. One of those fish suddenly jumped all the way up to Mwaijega’s mouth as the others stood shocked at what just happened. They tried to assist him but couldn’t do much as the fish got itself down his throat and chest. By the time they got him to the nearby health center it was too late.(source)


10 A Texas man was asked not to swim in a marina as there have been alligator sightings, he said “F*ck that alligator” and jumped into the water. He was killed immediately by an alligator. 

Tommie Woodward - Alligator Attack
Image Source: wtvr, dailymail

The Burkhart’s Marina in Orange, Texas, Tommie Woodward, twenty-eight, jumped into what was now the home of alligators that had been displaced because of heavy rain. As it was also breeding season for them, the alligators had also become extremely territorial. The owners of the marina who spotted the alligators on a few occasions put up a warning sign to keep people out of the water. Despite pleas from his friends and the warning signs, Woodward jumped into the water to swim and almost immediately cried for help. The witnesses saw his body float face down for a bit and then being dragged back down into the water. He suffered severe trauma to a limb and it wasn’t until two hours later that his body was found.(source)

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