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10 Incidents That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

6. Dashrath Manjhi carved a 360-feet long passage through a mountain all by himself for 22 years to help shorten the route to and from his village. Now completed, the passage shortened a 55-km route to 15 km. 

Dashrath Manjhi and His Carved Passage
Image Source: indiatoday, levekunst

Dashrath Manjhi, a resident of Gahlaur in the state of Bihar, India, married the woman he loved, and he had a boy. In 1960, his wife was pregnant again and while climbing a mountain to take lunch for her husband, she slipped and fell down the mountain. The nearest hospital was 70 km away, and by the time Manjhi reached the hospital, she was already dead but gave birth to a baby girl.


He approached the government to have a road constructed from the mountain side but was taken advantage of by corrupt officials and the police only looked down on him. After he started carving the passage, the villagers came to help him with the task, but they were threatened by local officials. Therefore, he took up the work all by himself, and he had carved for 22 years until he finally completed a passage that is 360 feet long, 30 feet high, and 30 feet wide. He passed away on August 17, 2007, and was given a state funeral for his efforts.(source)

7. Xiong Shuihua, a Chinese millionaire businessman, bulldozed rundown wooden huts of 72 families from the village he grew up and built luxury flats and villas for free.

Xiong Shuihua's Luxury Flats
Image Source: wowamazing

Xiong Shuihua was born in Xiongkeng village in the city of Xinyu, southern China. He said that he and his family were looked after well and supported by the residents of the village during his childhood. Now that he is earning millions through construction industry and steel trade, he wanted to repay their kindness by constructing flats for 72 families. He also built villas for another 18 families who were particularly kind to him, and this project cost him £4 million. He even promised three meals per day for free to the older residents and people with low income.(source)

8. An 11-year-old boy, Liang Yaoyi, suffering from brain cancer asked his mother to donate his organs after he died so that he could save the lives of other children. When he passed away, the doctors were able to harvest his organs that were successfully transplanted.

Liang Yaoyi
Image Source: cri

Liang Yaoyi from Guangdong Province, South China, was suffering from brain cancer since he was 9 years old. As he was nearing his death, he expressed his wish to donate his organs. It is possible that he got the idea of donating organs from a story about bone marrow donation to treat leukemia and another story titled “Immortal Eyes”, which he read when he was at school. When Liang passed away, the medical staff, touched by his bravery and selflessness, bowed to him three times as a sign of utmost respect.(source)


9. When a Californian care home went bankrupt abandoning 16 elderly residents, most staff left except for the janitor and the cook who stayed behind to look after the residents at their own expense.

Maurice Rowland and Miguel Alvarez
Image Source: npr

At Valley Springs Manor, California, Maurice Rowland was the cook and Miguel Alvarez was the janitor. When the care home had to be shut down and the staff left, the 16 residents had nowhere to go. Therefore, Rowland and Alvarez decided to take care of them on their own. They would only go home for an hour for a shower and be back to stay with the residents 24 hours. According to Rowland, some of the residents were coping with dementia, and he couldn’t see himself going home, leaving them to fend for themselves. After spending several days taking care of them, the fire department and sheriff took over. The incident caused the formation of a legislation called Residential Care for the Elderly Reform Act of 2014.(source)

10. A man named Albert Lexie has shined shoes at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for 36 years. He donates everything over $5 per shine to the hospital. He has contributed over $200k during his time there.

Albert Lexie
Image Source: abcnews

Albert Lexie (71) started shining shoes when he was 15. Every Tuesday and Thursday, he comes to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburg to shine shoes. He believes that his one skill is a gift from God which he thinks he should share with others. For the past 36 years, he has taken every dime of the tip money he earns from shining shoes and donates it to the charity of his choice. He doesn’t even own a car and takes two bus rides which last for 90 minutes to get to the hospital. So far, he has donated a whopping $200,659 to the hospital from his tip money.(source)

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