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11 Lively Facts About Freddie Mercury You Probably Didn’t Know

6. Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury collaborated in the 80s to make three tracks. But, Freddie broke it off because Jackson insisted on bringing his pet llama to the recording studio. 

Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson
Image Source: okayplayer

The three tracks named State of Shock, Victory, and There Must Be More To Life Than This, written by the duo were recorded in Jackson’s home studio in Encino, California in 1983. However, the recording was never finished because of the conflicts between the two. According to Jim Beach, Queen’s former manager, Freddie called him and said, “Can you get over here? You’ve got to get me out of here, I’m recording with a llama.” Also, Jackson not approving of Mercury using too much cocaine in his living room soured their relationship.(source)

7. Freddie Mercury once helped dress Princess Diana up as a male model to sneak her into a gay bar. 

Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana
Image Source: vulture, closerweekly

According to comedian Cleo Rocos, she, Princess Diana, Freddie Mercury and comedian Kenny Everett were drinking at Everett’s home when they decided to go out to a bar. So, they dressed Diana up in an army jacket, a leather cap to conceal her hair and dark aviator sunglasses to pass her off as an eccentrically dressed gay male model. Though several people greeted them, none of them recognized Diana in those clothes.(source)

8. In 1985, Freddie Mercury released a solo album, Mr. Bad Guy, that he dedicated “to my cat Jerry—also Tom, Oscar and Tiffany, and all the cat lovers across the universe—screw everybody else”

Freddie Mercury and His Cat
Image Source: 4fun

Mr. Bad Guy is Freddie’s debut solo album that he made when Queen was on a break from recordings. The album has eleven songs, all written by him. The songs have influences ranging from disco to dance music, which is a contrast to the typical rock-oriented songs from Queen. The album was originally supposed to be the recordings he did with Michael Jackson, from which he later dropped out. It took him two years to record the album as he was also taking care of his band commitments.(source)


9. In May 1991, Freddie Mercury started recording for Mother Love, but upon reaching the final verse he told Brian May he wanted to “have a rest” and would return to finish it. He never made it back to the studio and May sang the last verse. 

Made in Heaven
Image Source: shakenstir

The song Mother Love from the album Made in Heaven was written by Mercury and Brian May, Queen’s lead guitarist. The song is Mercury’s last ever vocal performance, recorded in May between 13 and 16, 1991, 6 months before his death. The album was released on November 6, 1995, and was the final album containing original material featuring the band’s original members.(source)

10. Freddie Mercury spent his last months recording as many vocals as he could so that his band could finish them after his death. 

Freddie Mercury's Last Days
Image Source: emaze

After completing work on Innuendo in early 1991, Freddie recorded various songs, and those put to tape during this time primarily were A Winter’s Tale, Mother Love and another song that would eventually become You Don’t Fool Me. According to Brian May, Freddie was told by that time that he won’t be able to make it till the end of complete recording. So, every time he felt well enough to record, they get to the studio and get to work. After his death, the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness was held on April 20, 1992 and all the 72,000 tickets were sold out in just three hours of its announcement even though no performers were announced besides the remaining members of Queen.(12)

11. It was Freddie Mercury’s last wish that Bohemian Rhapsody be reissued to raise money for AIDS charities. When the song was re-released, it topped the charts for the second time and was number 1 for five weeks. 

Freddie Mercury and Mercury Phoenix Trust
Image Source: mercuryphoenixtrust

Freddie Mercury wanted to create awareness and help find a cure. To that end he revealed to the public that he was HIV positive on November 23, 1991, hoping to raise the profile of AIDS. However, he died the very next day due to AIDS related bronchial pneumonia. Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer, later during 1992 Brit Awards announced a tribute concert to raise money for Mercury Phoenix Trust set up in Freddie’s name to provide financial help to AIDS charities around the world.(source)

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