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15 Weird And Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Farts

11. Farts can come out of the vagina during or after sex or exercise but these farts don’t have any specific odor associated with it.

Vagina fart
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We usually associate farts with the rear end of our body. But in females fart expulsion may sometimes occur through their vagina. It usually occurs during or after sexual intercourse or exercise. In medical terms, it is called “vaginal flatulence”. The sound is somewhat comparable to farts produced from the anus. Usually, farts from vagina are odorless as it does not contain any waste gasses. If any strong odor is emitted along with vaginal gas then you should consult a specialist as it may be a result of the serious medical condition called colovaginal fistula.(source)

12. People who fart in front of their partner are more likely to have a lasting relationship.

Facts You Never Knew About Farts
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While the world is leaning towards couple therapy in order to sort out problems, farts actually hold the real key to a happy relationship. According to a new research couples who fart in front of each other without any inhibition are likely to have a long-lasting relationship. The author of the book Naked Parenting, Leah Decesare, has written a research paper confirming that trust and sincerity are the pillars of a lasting relationship and that includes farting in front of our partner.(source)

13. In the 18th century there existed a Farting Club which was founded in Cripplegate, London where members competed with each other to see who could produce the loudest and longest farts.

Fart club
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As bizarre as it may sound, London used to have its own farting club in Cripplegate in the 18th century. The members of this club used to meet once a week for the sole purpose of out-farting one another.(1,2)


14. One of the so-called cures for the bubonic plague was to fart in a jar and smell it.

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The Black Death, i.e. the bubonic plague, was the most feared disease in the Middle Ages. It was thought to be caused by deadly vapors. During this time some of the doctors believed that “like cures like” so according to them the effect of deadly bubonic plague vapors could be made ineffective by therapeutic stink, i.e. flatulence. People started storing jars of their own farts in their home and whenever the bubonic plague occurred in the neighborhood, they would take a whiff from the jar.(source)

15. Fart jokes have existed since at least 1900 BC. The world’s oldest recorded joke is a Sumerian quip about a woman farting in her husband’s lap.

Fart joke
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Farts have always been a favorite topic for jokes. Even our ancestors shared the same sense of humor. The oldest known joke is a Sumerian proverb which dates back to 1900 BC. The joke goes, “Something which has never occurred since time immemorial: a young woman did not fart in her husband’s lap.”(source)

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