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21 People Who Were Declared Clinically Dead and Then Revived, Shared Their Experiences

15. hong427

Bridge Surreal
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When I was 10, I blacked out while watching TV. When I woke up, I got a tube to help me breath.

(This part is according to my dad) Dad did CPR when I blacked out. Got to the hospital while blacked out 20 mins. Doctors was going to pronounce me dead (’cause they try to revive me for 10 mins) but one intern doctor stopped and actually revived me. So I was in the ER for 4 hours? to check if my function is going to be okay (brain dead when cut off o2 for 5 to 10 min).

During my death, saw weird stuff. I went to a dark place where the sky is black and felt cold for some reason. When I was going to walk around, I saw a bridge and walked to it. I was thinking what’s going to be on the other side of the bridge, so I started walking on it. Before I could finished crossing the bridge I heard some one calling me, I turned and I woke up. That’s what happened during that time and it never felt that long for some reason.

16. themcp

I was dead for just over a minute. (I had the “good” fortune to die while I was already on an operating table in the ICU of a hospital.) No memory whatsoever.

17. moonlightwolf52

After my tonsillectomy my surgeon told me in two weeks the scabs would fall off the back of my throat and it was normal to spit up about a cup of blood. Anymore than that and 911 would need to be called but he’s never had that happened to any of his patients so not to worry… It happened to me… They decided to keep me overnight just to be safe. During the middle of the night they woke me up to take my blood pressure. I just remember the nurse asking how felt and barely being able to tell her “very tired, I want to sleep now.” She told me I could go back to sleep after she took my blood pressure. Hooked me up to the machine – it couldn’t read me,  she couldn’t find my pulse either- called in another nurse who got a hand-done reading of something like 70/40. Needless to say a blood Trans fusion was done, I believe I was already on oxygen but don’t remember clearly… They said that for whatever reason when the scabs feel off my throat/body didn’t stop the bleeding like it should have. They ended up having to cauterize the inside my throat.



I was at a beach with my relatives when I was little… My cousins decided that since we were at the beach, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to dip in the water a bit… It was going great until a much older cousin (a young adult at the time) decided to have a little fun. He decided that I should taste the salt water a bit and leaped on top of the tube I was on… I drank so much salt water in short time that I became nauseated. At some point I kind of accepted whatever was going to happen to me before some figure appeared before my blurry vision. It didn’t really look like anyone I knew, but after I saw the figure, I kind of passed out… All I recall is that I woke up on a beach towel. My mom was sleeping next to me so I shook her out of her sleep and asked what happened to me. I told her about how I was about to drown and what not. But apparently, she saw me walk simply out of the water and lied down next to her. As for me, I don’t remember doing any of that so it became a mystery to me.

19. A currently deleted user

I was in a major car accident as a teenager in which I was a passenger in the back left seat.  The front seat passenger was sleeping and I couldn’t tell that the driver had also fallen asleep as I was seated behind her… we hit a telephone pole going around 50 MPH. I knew immediately that my lung was punctured due to how difficult breathing was but I didn’t realize the extent of my injuries until much later… They brought me by ambulance to the best trauma hospital around… I was almost dead by the time I was prepped for surgery but as soon as I saw my parents in the hallway on the way to the OR, I perked up. I was totally lucid and sounded alert and strong.

Less than five minutes later I was coded on the table. My heart stopped for five minutes so I guess I was technically dead, but I didn’t see any bright lights or loved ones. It was just a total blank, like dreamless sleep. During surgery they had to give me nine units of blood because my liver was badly torn by my seatbelt. I had a broken sternum and broken ribs, which may have been from the CPR or from my seatbelt. I was in a medically induced coma for four days afterward, which was also like a total blank.

20. Labreezy187

I aspirated while getting my tonsils removed.

Not a thing.

I was young, but from what I recall it was like waking up after falling asleep without realizing it.

21. triception

I wish I had a cool story, but I was born dead so I have no memory of it… but the funny part of it was my mom said the doctor was doing baby CPR to me and it wasn’t working. So this old Kady nurse (around 70 my mom said) grabbed me by the ankle and smacked the shit out of my body and that’s what brought me back to life.

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