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24 Interesting Facts About “The Wolf of Wall Street” That You Probably Didn’t Know

19. While shooting, Margot Robbie slapped Leonardo DiCaprio much harder than she intended to. She got carried away in the scene and said “Fu*k you”. 

Naomi and Jordan's Fight
Image credit: Warner Bros. via giphy

As her cursing DiCaprio’s character was not part of the script, the people on the set were stunned and burst into laughter after that. Robbie, however, was afraid that DiCaprio would sue her for it and so apologized to him. But, he was impressed by her courage while acting and told her to hit him again.

20. During the scene in which Jordan Belfort is interviewed by the FBI agents on his yacht, the list of guests at his wedding he gives one of the agents contains the actual names of the film’s crew. 

Wedding list
Image credit: Warner Bros.

21. Jonah Hill wanted to swallow a real goldfish because he wanted everything to be real and felt that he wasn’t working as hard as everyone else in the movie. But, of course, it wasn’t allowed according to the regulations. 

Jonah Hill Pretending to Swallow Goldfish
Image Source: Warner Bros. via giphy

They, however, found a way around it and brought in three goldfish handlers/wranglers to the set. They used a real goldfish and Hill was allowed to keep the goldfish in his mouth only three seconds at a time. After that he would have to take it out and they would put it back into the water unharmed.

22. The TV advertisement for Stratton Oakmont in the movie’s opening scene is actually a direct homage to the iconic 1958 Dreyfus Fund TV spots that was famous for featuring a lion. 


23. The real Jordan Belfort makes a cameo appearance at the end of the movie as the man who introduces Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordon Belfort as sales trainer at a motivational speaking event.

Jordan Belfort Cameo Appearance
Image Source: Warner Bros.

Just as shown in the movie, Jordan Belfort is now a motivational speaker. He spoke in tour of live seminars entitled “The Truth Behind His Success” in Australia and sales seminars entitled “Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Sales Psychology”. He stated that his “greatest regret is losing people money” which apparently influenced the main themes of his seminars such as the importance of ethics and the mistakes he made during his previous career when he believed it was okay to bend the rules of financial regulators.(source)

24. For his role in the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio was paid $25 million, which is almost a quarter of the film’s budget, making him the highest paid actor in that year. 

Leonardo DiCaprio - Most Paid Actor
Image Source: Warner Bros.

Leonardo DiCaprio was paid $25 million upfront for the movie and his net worth is estimated to be $222 million. Since the time he first became a mainstream heartthrob after the movie Titanic, his acting career has seen a steady rise. He is now considered one of the most critically acclaimed actors in Hollywood and also one of the most paid. (source)


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