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20 Less-known Facts About Nazi Germany

6. During WWII, Coca-Cola couldn’t import syrup into Nazi Germany. Hence, the head of Coca-cola in Germany invented a new drink called Fanta, just for Nazi Germany.

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When World War II was going on, there was an official ban on trade with Germany. Therefore, Coca-Cola was unable to send any syrup to Germany. Due to this situation, the head of Coca-Cola in Germany, Max Keith, decided to create a new product just for the German market. While brainstorming about the name of the new product, Keith asked his team to use their imagination (“Fantasie” in German). Then, one of the salesmen, Joe Knipp, suggested the name “Fanta”.(source)

7. Edelweiss Pirates were a loosely organised group of youth in Nazi Germany which were dedicated to opposing Hitler Youth. Their resistance included spreading Ally propaganda in Germany, aiding German deserters, and even starting street fights with the Hitler Youth whenever possible.

Edelweiss Pirates
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Hitler Youth was an official youth organisation of Nazi Party in Germany. The strict regimentation and constricted freedom of youth in this organisation led to the origin of a loosely organised youth group, Edelweiss Pirates, in western Germany. They opposed Hitler Youth, ambushed their patrolling, and beat them up. During the war, they assisted deserters from the German army and even supported the Allies by spreading their propaganda leaflets.(source)

8. The Nazis placed a $5,000-bounty on Einstein’s head.

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During the Hitler regime, Einstein was regarded as the enemy of the state. They even put a $5,000-bounty on Einstein’s head. In the official book of photos of enemies of the state, they captioned the photo of Einstein as “Not Yet Hanged”. When Einstein went to stay in Belgium during the spring and summer of 1933, the Belgian government assigned two twenty-four-hour bodyguards to protect him.(source)


9. The Nazi salute looked almost identical to the salute to the American flag at the time. The USA changed the salute in 1942 after the Nazis adopted it.

Nazi salute
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Before the Nazi salute came into existence, a similar kind of that salute was in use in the US. It is known as the Bellamy salute. It was invented by James B. Upham and was first demonstrated on October 12, 1892. After 1920, a similar kind of salute was adopted by Italian fascists and it was called the Roman salute. Later, the German Nazis created the Nazi salute which was quite similar to the Bellamy salute too.

During the World War II, the similar salute of the US and Nazis created confusion and controversy. To avoid this, the United State Congress replaced the Bellamy salute with the hand-over-the-heart gesture on December 22, 1942.(source)

10. The Nazis tried to teach dogs to talk and read.

Nazi dogs experiment
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Hitler was a well-known dog lover and regarded them to be as intelligent as humans. Therefore, he ordered to set up a dog school where dogs could be trained to speak, read, and spell. The dog school called Tier-Sprechschule ASRA was set up in 1930 near Hanover. Dogs from all over Germany were recruited by Nazi officials and brought here. They were taught to use their paws to tap out signal and other skills.

It was claimed that some trained dogs could imitate the human voice. Moreover, one of them could utter the words ‘Mein Fuhrer” while another one had ‘written’ poetry. The Nazis even conducted some experiments to investigate man-to-dog telepathy.(source)


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