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20 Interesting “Easter Eggs” in Famous Movies and TV Shows That Went Unnoticed

11. The jeep that Zach and Gray Mitchell hot-wire in Jurassic World (2015) has the same number as the jeep used by John Hammond and Donald Gennaro in Jurassic Park (1993).

Jurassic Park and Jurassic World
Image credit: Universal Pictures

Jeep 29 was a Jeep Wrangler Staff Vehicles used by InGen (International Genetics Incorporated, the bioengineering company founded by John Hammond in the books and movies) for Jurassic Park. In the first movie Jurassic Park, John Hammond and Donald Gennaro use the vehicle to travel from Isla Nublar Heliport to the Brachiosaurus Enclosure and then to the Visitor Center. A jeep with the same number is again used in the latest movie Jurassic World by Zach and Gary Mitchell who repair the vehicle by replacing the battery.(source)

12. A torn poster of the movie The Hills Have Eyes (1977), directed by Wes Craven, can be seen in The Evil Dead (1981), directed by Sam Raimi. It was done in response to the torn poster of Jaws (1975) in “Hills”, which Raimi interpreted as a suggestion that “Hills” was the scariest movie. Hence, he used “Hills” poster in his movie to suggest The Evil Dead would be scarier yet.

The Evil Dead, Hills Have Eyes, Jaws
Image credits: Renaissance Pictures,  Blood Relations Co.

The poster wasn’t the only interesting thing the makers of The Evil Dead did. By the end of the principal shooting in Tennessee, the crew buried a time capsule inside the fireplace of the cabin as a memento for anyone who found it. Though the cabin was destroyed, a couple of Evil Dead fans found it in the fireplace which was still intact.(source)

13. There’s a hidden Waldo in a single frame of Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto (2006).

Actor turned director Mel Gibson is known for his pranks, and he didn’t leave Apocalypto alone either. He managed to add a red and white clad comic looking character called Waldo from the famous series of British children’s books “Where’s Waldo?”. The concept of the books is that the creator Martin Handford drew very detailed scenes from around the world filled with lots of people. The goal of the reader is to locate Waldo in those pictures. Mel Gibson, apparently, did the same thing.(source)


14. When George Takei makes his first appearance in the TV show “Heroes” as Hiro Nakamura’s father, we get a short glimpse at the license plate of his limousine: NCC-1701, a reference to USS Enterprise from Star Trek. 

George Takei Heroes
Image credit: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

George Takei played the helmsman, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in the TV series Star Trek: The Original Series back in the 1960s. In January 2007, he started to appear in Heroes as Kaito Nakamura, a successful businessman and the father of Hiro Nakamura who could control time and space. Hiro Nakamura himself is also a Star Trek fan. In the episode “Distractions” during the first season, he arrives in a limo with NCC-1701 on the license plate, another reference to Star Trek.(1, 2)

15. Considering the medieval age context of Brave, one wouldn’t expect to find something modern like the Pizza Planet truck that Pixar puts in all its movies. But it’s there for sharp eyes to notice along with a Celtic-like wood carving of Sully from Monsters, Inc.

Pixar Planet and Sully in Brave
Image credit: Disney/Pixar

When Merida visits the witch’s place, the witch is seen carving Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker sculpture. Beside this sculpture, the Pizza Planet truck that makes appearances in every Pixar movie can be seen. The second Easter egg can be seen among her other carvings near a wicker basket. There is another Easter egg in the form of a voice John Ratzenberger, who is known to give voice in every single Pixar movie, and in Brave, he plays a guard named Gordon.(source)

As we mentioned above, there’s a pizza planet truck in all Pixar movies.

Pizza truck in all Pixar movies
Image credit: Disney/Pixar

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