18 Strange Medical Conditions That Sound Unreal

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13 Trimethylaminuria

Trimethylaminuria is a metabolic disorder called Fish Odor syndrome which makes a person smell like fish.

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Trimethylaminuria is caused due to the defect in one of the enzyme. Owing to the defective enzyme, an organic compound called Trimethylamine(TMA) builds up in the human body. It is then released via urine, sweat, and breathe. The compound TMA has a strong fishy odor making the person smell like a fish. This condition is more common in women than in men. For now, there isn’t a known cure for this disorder.(source)

14 Uterus didelphys

Uterus Didelphys is a uterine malformation in which women have two uteruses and sometimes two vaginas as well.

Women who have Uterus Didelphys have two uteruses and each uterus has their own separate cervix. It is possible to get pregnant with both uteruses simultaneously and give birth to twins. In 60% of twins’ cases, they are born prematurely. Only one in every 2,000 women has this condition. Most women affected by this condition are unaware of it until they become pregnant and gets an ultrasound exam.(source)


15 Micturition syncope

Micturition syncope is the phenomenon of temporary loss of consciousness upon urination.

Micturition syncope
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People affected by micturition syncope becomes pale, sweaty, lightheaded, nauseated, and weak after urination and then loses their conscious. The loss of consciousness does not last long. The sufferers can sometimes become unconscious through coughing, defecating, and vomiting as well. Usually, this condition occurs in the male. Today, there is no specific treatment for this health condition.(source)

16 Factitious disorder

Factitious disorder is a mental disorder. In this case, a person pretends to have mental disorder or illness.

Factitious disorder
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People affected by factitious disorder can produce, feign or exaggerate symptoms of illness. They can contaminate urine samples, inject them with fecal material to produce an abscess or perform other similar acts. There are two types of factitious disorder: the first one in which a person pretends to have an illness, and the second in which the person pretends to be someone else such as a child, pet or an old person who is ill.(source)


17 Aphantasia

Aphantasia is a disorder due to which a person cannot see any image in their mind.

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People suffering from aphantasia do not possess a functioning mind’s eye. Hence, they cannot visualize any image inside their head. Such people can remember facts but have a hard time remembering a person’s face and visualizing any place or object. Many people who have this disorder are completely unaware of it.(source)

18 Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis

Epidermodysplasia verruciformis is a hereditary skin disorder. Because of this disorder, scales and warts start appearing on one’s hands and feet. The scales and warts are woody in appearance making it look like barks of a tree.

Tree Man syndrome
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The scales and warts caused due to Epidermodysplasia verruciformis are the result of uncontrolled human papillomavirus(HPV) infections. The infection causes woody scales making the patient look like a tree. It usually occurs in hands and feet. However, sometimes small warts can also appear on the face. There is no curative treatment for this health condition. The only way to remove those scales and warts is surgery.

The most notable case of the Tree Man Illness is that of an Indonesian man, Dede Koswara. In an operation in 2008, doctors removed 6 kg of warts from his hands and feet.(source)

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