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20 Odd-looking Creatures That Probably You Have Never Seen Before

11. Hammer-Headed Bat

Hammer-Headed Bat
Image credit: iNaturalist

Hammer-headed bat, also known as the big-lipped bat, is the largest bat found in Africa. Male hammer-headed bats are quite different from their female counterpart. The male has an enormous head and enlarged rostrum, larynx, and lips. This helps them produce loud and extremely resonant honking calls. The male also has a hairless split chin, warty snout, and cheek pouches. Overall, the males of this species is deemed to be extremely ugly looking. Female hammer-headed bats have fox-shaped muzzle and has a similar appearance to that of fruit bats.(1,2)


12. Babirusa

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Babirusa, also known as Deer-Pig, looks like a mix between deer and pig even though it is basically a pig. It is found in Indonesian islands of Sulawesi, Sula, Buru, and Togian. The most bizarre feature of this mammal is its canine tusks. These tusks are curved inwards and are found only in the male of this species. The tusks come out by piercing the flesh of its own snout. Babirusa grinds the tusks regularly, otherwise, it will keep growing to such a length that the tusks can penetrate its own skull.(1,2)

13. Ribbon worm

ribbon worm
Image credit: Animal Wire via giphy

Ribbon worms, also known as proboscis worms, are various types of worms with one characteristic common in all: the presence of proboscis. Proboscis is a muscular structure inside the worm’s body which looks like the finger of latex gloves turned inside out. Ribbon worms use it while attacking a prey. However, not all ribbon worms are predators. Some of them live inside other organisms as parasites. When threatened, it can shrink to one-tenth of its original size. They can even expand to more than double their size to swallow preys like fish, worms, clams, snails, and crustaceans. Ribbon worms also vary a lot in length ranging from less than 1 centimeter to as long as 60 meters.(source)


14. Hooded seal

Hooded seal
Image source:

Found in central and western North Atlantic, Hooded seal is a species of seal. The most striking feature of hooded seals is its nasal appendage that adorns the head of sexually mature males. Normally it looks like a wide fleshy muzzle, drooping down over its mouth. But when inflated, it forms a bulbous hood on the top of its head. The males of this species sometimes enhances their “hood” by extrusion of an internal membrane though one nostril which looks like a large, pink balloon.

The face of hooded seal is of solid black color. The rest of the body has silver or bluish grey color coat with scattered black spots covering most of the body. The pups of hooded seals have blue grey coats with whitish belly and that’s why they are commonly known as “blue-backs”.(1,2)

15. Bush dog

Bush Dog
Image Source:

Bush dog is a rare and unusual canid and is found mainly in Central and South America. Even though its name has the word dog yet its squat body makes it appear more like badgers and otters. It has short legs with webbed feet, a short bushy tail and rounded muzzle and ears. Its webbed feet helps it to swim efficiently due to which it lives a semi-aquatic life. It was first identified from fossils in Brazilian cave and was believed to be extinct at that time. Very little is known about this elusive species. Currently it is listed as Near Threatened by IUCN.(1,2)


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