18 Unluckiest People In History Who Had It Worse Than You

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7 A Thai woman accidentally slipped in farmyard mud, grabbed a live wire and got killed. Later when her sister was showing the neighbors how it happened, she slipped, grabbed the live wire and was killed.

Live wire
Image credits: pixabay

Yooket Paen, 57, from Angthong, a rural area 60 miles from the city of Bangkok, after slipping in mud attempted to save herself from a fall by grabbing a live wire which electrocuted and killed her. Later on the same day, her sister Yooket Pan, 52, died in exactly the same manner while showing a neighbor how her sister died.(source)

8 During WWII, Canadian soldier George Lawrence Price was shot by a German sniper and died only 2 minutes before the armistice ceasefire that came into effect and ended the war.

George Lawrence Price
Image Source: alchetron

On November 11, 1918, the 28th Battalion was securing all the bridges on Canal du Centre between Frameries and the village of Havre in Belgium starting at 4.00 AM. By 9.00 AM, the battalion received a message stating that all hostilities would cease by 11.00 AM. However, Price and another soldier thought that their position on the open canal bank was too exposed to the houses on the opposite bank that had bricks knocked out to create firing positions. Therefore, they made a five men patrol to search the houses and then they discovered that there were German soldiers hiding with machine guns. The Canadians followed the Germans who began to retreat when they found out that they were outflanked when one of the snipers shot Price, fatally wounding him. He died at 10.58 AM, two minutes before the armistice ceasefire.(source)


9 In 1938, a Korean soldier Yang Kyoungjong was conscripted into Japanese Army and sent to fight against the Soviet Union. In 1942, after being captured by the Soviet Red Army, he was again sent to fight the Nazi Germany as part of Red Army. In 1943, he was captured by the Nazis, sent to fight in Normandy and finally was captured by the US Army.

Yang Kyoungjong
Image Source: wikimedia

During the time when Korea was ruled by Japan, Kyoungjong was a Korean soldier sent to fight against the Soviet Union as part of Kwantung Army of the Imperial Japanese Army. When he was captured by the Red Army, he was sent to a labor camp. But because of the manpower shortages faced by the Soviets when they were fighting against the Nazi Germany, thousands of prisoners, among whom was Kyoungjong, were forced to fight in the Red Army.

The same happened again when he was captured by Wehrmacht soldiers and he was sent to Occupied France to join a battalion of Soviet prisoners of war called Eastern Battalion in Normandy. After the D-Day, he was captured by the paratroopers of United States Army, sent to prison camp in Britain, and then transferred to another camp in the United States where he settled after being released when the war ended.(source)

10 A man named Aitabdel Salem spent five months in prison unaware that his bail only cost $2.

Aitabdel Salem
Image Source: Jefferson Siegel/New York Daily News via nydailynews

Aitabdel Salem was initially jailed on $25,000 bail for allegedly attacking a police officer who arrested him for shoplifting at a store. The judge also ordered a $1 bail for two other minor charges of tampering and mischief. Salem should have been able to leave when the prosecutors failed to get an indictment on the assault charge. However, according to Salem, his first lawyer did not explain the change in his bail status, which led him to spend five months in prison.(source)


11 In 2001, a woman kept her $1.3 million lottery winnings a secret from her estranged husband to avoid giving half of it in the divorce settlement, which he found out about a year and a half later. For violating Family Code statute by falsifying data about the property, the judge ordered 100 percent of the winnings go to the husband.

Denise Rossi
Image Source: dailymail

Thomas Rossi, the husband of Denise Rossi, found out about the money when a letter was sent to his address in her name, asking if she was interested in a lump-sum buyout of her lottery winnings. It was also revealed that she filed for divorce in less than a month after winning. She consulted with the state lottery commission regarding how she could keep her husband away from the prize. She also used her mother’s address for annual checks and other correspondence from the lottery officials. When it was found out, she claimed that she pulled out before her group of colleagues won $6.68 million and that she was only given a separate property gift.(source)

12 In 1954, a woman named Ann Hodges became the only known person to have been hit by a meteorite. She was napping on her couch in her home when the rock broke through the ceiling, bounced off the radio and hit her hip.

Ann Hodges
Image credits: University of Alabama Museums via alabamanewscenter

On a clear afternoon in late November 1954, a meteorite at the size of a softball broke through the ceiling giving Ann Hodges a pineapple-shaped bruise on her hip. According to Michael Reynolds, a Florida State College astronomer, such incident is extremely rare as most meteors usually fall into the ocean or strike remote places on Earth and there is a better chance of being hit by a tornado, a bolt of lightning and a hurricane at the same time than being hit by a meteorite.(source)

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