18 Interesting Facts About Pixar That Every Fan Must Know

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7 After the Up wrap party, the animators of Toy Story 3, including the director Lee Unkrich, decided to shave their heads to have a “clean start” on the film. They had a contest to see who would last long without cutting after that.

Pixar Animators Shaved Heads
Image Source: navone

According to animator Victor Navone, the animation department at Pixar likes throwing lots of parties to keep up the morale and the energy high. During one of such wrap parties for Up, the animators of Toy Story 3 decided it would be a good idea to shave their heads with even their director getting dragged into it.(1, 2)

8 Originally, the Married Life sequence from the movie Up was going to show Carl and Ellie in a lifelong punching contest that they started when young, with Ellie also punching Carl in the face on her death bed.

Ellie and Carl's Punching Contest
Image Source: giphy

The creators of the characters Carl and Ellie wanted to show the development of a relationship in a “non-sappy” way in the beginning. The punching contest starts when they were young and Carl tries to trap a bird, which Ellie doesn’t like and so punches him. From then on, they start punching each other in different situations, which slowly causes them to like each other, fall in love, and then marry. Even when Ellie was on her deathbed, she gives Carl a punch to which he smiles.(source)


9 Calvin and Hobbes could have been a Pixar movie. But, its cartoonist and creator Bill Watterson refused to sell the film rights because he believed it would only work in print. 

Calvin and Hobbes
Image credits: Andrews McMeel Publishing/wikipedia, Coolcaesar/wikipedia

Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, had many offers to turn the much beloved comic strip into a franchise. Many, including Steven Spielberg and Pixar, have wanted to turn it into movies. Also, the plush toy giant Dakin wanted to make merchandise just the way Garfield’s creator Jim Davis had allowed. However, Watterson did not accept any.(source)

10 Disney almost made Toy Story 3 without Pixar. The script involved Buzz Lightyear toy being recalled for manufacturing defects and malfunction and shipped off to Taiwan. It was almost in production stage before being scrapped by Pixar.

Toy story 3
Image credits: Steve Jurvetson/flickr

In 2004, Disney and Pixar signed an agreement that stated Disney owns all the characters created by Pixar and has the right to make sequels to any Pixar films, though Pixar retains the right to refuse to work on them. Therefore, with a new division of animation called Circle 7 Animation, Disney set about to produce an entirely different Toy Story 3. In that story, after Buzz is shipped off to Taiwan, the other toys figure out that the toy company is replacing faulty Buzz Lightyear toys instead of repairing them. So, they ship themselves to Taiwan as well, to save him.

The script of the movie was completed and the production was ready. But in 2006, when Disney bought Pixar in a deal that made Pixar chiefs Edwin Catmull and John Lasseter in charge of all Disney Animation. After this, Circle 7 was disbanded with some of the animators being transferred to Pixar where another version of Toy Story 3 we see today was made.(source)


11 In the Japanese version of the movie Inside Out, Pixar replaced the scenes that have broccoli with bell peppers, because Japanese children are not disgusted by broccoli.

Inside Out - Broccoli and Bell Peppers
Image Source: businessinsider

Pixar wanted to make the movie work for the international audience as well, and not just the domestic audience. As the movie is about emotions, they felt that some of the content in the movie wouldn’t make sense in other countries. Children hate eating broccoli in America, but when they asked the Japanese children they found out that it was green peppers instead. Another such change was Riley’s enjoying herself remembering soccer in the American version, but in many other countries it was hockey instead.(source)

12 In the movie Up, the animators used 20,622 balloons to lift Carl’s house. But in reality, it takes around 23.5 million party balloons to lift it. 

Balloons Lifting Carl's House
Image Source: wired

The co-director of Up, Pete Docter, revealed that the technicians at Pixar estimated that 23.5 million balloons are required to lift a 1,800 square foot house like Carl’s. However, the exact sizes of the balloons used in the estimation are not known. But in the movie, only 20,622 balloons were used during the lift-off scene, and only 10,297 were used during the floating scenes.(source)

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