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18 Amazing Facts about Dogs That Will Make You Love Your Dog Even More

13. In 2008, a 2-year-old dog tried to save his owners after five armed pirates hijacked their yacht. When the pirates boarded the yacht and started tying the owners up, the dog attacked them furiously, biting and snapping, until he was stabbed and shot. The owners and the dog survived the incident. 

Kankuntu, the Brave Hunting Dog
Image Source: candogseat-this

Peter Lee and his wife Betty were traveling to Trinidad on a yacht when they spotted a battered unmarked fishing boat speeding their way. When Lee realized they were in danger, he tried to outrun them by ramming and speeding away while the pirates were shooting at him. But the pirates soon got control and boarded their yacht. When the pirates started tying them up, it was too much for the dog, who launched an attack on them until they shot at him. He was stabbed between the shoulder blades and shot in the leg. When the pirates left after robbing what they could, Lee was able to give the dog first aid and reach Trinidad.(source)

14. Dogs can suffer from PTSD too. It is known to affect at least 5 percent of military service dogs. 

Military Service Dogs and PTSD
Image Source: kpbs

Despite their unapologetic cheerful disposition, dogs are also sensitive to the things that go badly in the world. Many military dogs, bomb detection dogs, or search and rescue dogs used to find bodies after a disaster, often experience PTSD. Even civilian dogs that were abused, neglected, abandoned, whose owners have died, or have gone through disasters are prone to developing PTSD.(source)


15. A group of stray dogs in Moscow have figured out how to use the subway trains to travel between various locations. They prefer empty or less populated cars and even know when to get off the train to reach a location.

Stray Dogs in Moscow
Image Source: featuredcreature

Stray dogs in Moscow are perhaps the most smart untrained dogs in the world. These dogs are known to form into packs and send younger “cuter” members to beg for food from people as they have more success at procuring it. They even know how to obey traffic lights and have learned how to cross the streets just like pedestrians. Malnourished dogs are actually uncommon owing to the fact that most people would just toss what they eat, and the dogs have even become very selective about the food owing to its abundance. The lack of need to compete for food has also contributed to their stable social behavior.

Among these dogs, there are around 20 dogs, out of 500 dogs inhabiting metro stations, that have learned how to use trains to commute between locations. Theories suggest that they use their sense of smell, time spent on the train or the announcements on loudspeaker to determine where they are.(source)

16. Dogs drink water by forming a cup like shape by curving their tongue backwards. 

Dog Drinking Water
Image Source: giphy

Humans drink by creating a suction action using their cheeks, a feature that dogs don’t have. To compensate for this, they curve their tongue and quickly drag a column of water upwards with an acceleration that is five times that of gravity. Before the water could fall back down, they close their jaws, chomping down on the liquid and swallowing it in.(source)


17. A 3-year-old Russian girl who was lost in Siberian taiga forest survived 11 days by drinking water from a creek and eating berries while being protected by her dog. After nine days, the dog went away to find help and returned with rescuers. 

Karina and Naida
Image Source: fijisun

Karina had followed her father into the forest without him knowing it, and her grandmother who was in charge of her at that time thought he know about it. Her dog Naida also followed her into the forest and when she got lost, slept by her side and kept her warm during the cold nights. After nine days the dog left her trying to find their remote family home in the village Olom and to bring rescuers. Three days later she was found and had lost a lot weight and was covered in mosquito bites. Now she is back to her usual self, active, cheerful and playing with her friends, thanks to her dog.(source)

18. Dogs have “Eureka moments” too and are known to enjoy the experience of solving problems to obtain their reward. 

Dogs Solving Problems
Image Source: paradoxoff

Researchers at a university in Sweden conducted tests to find out if it is the rewards or getting the rewards after solving a problem that make the dogs happy. They took 12 dogs and trained them in a few skills such as using a dog piano, which would produce a note when pressed, a plastic box to be pushed of a stack so that it would noisily hit the floor, and a paddle lever that would make a bell ring. Each dog was experimental dog half of the time and control dog the other half of the time. The experimental dogs were only rewarded when they performed the task as they were trained while the control dogs were rewarded no matter what they did. The researchers found that experimental dogs were found to be very excited about solving problems as well as getting the reward. According to them, it was because it gave them a sense of control, a feeling that they could get their rewards by doing something, a feeling that is not so different from what humans feel.(source)


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