15 Super Facts That Will Show You Power of Gaming

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6 Female gamers are more likely to have better sex lives and happier relationships than those who don’t play.

Female Gamers Have Better Sex Lives and Relationships
Image Source: innovanauta.com

A survey conducted by Harris Interactive revealed that female gamers end up having more sex and a better life, than the non-gamers. They are also not the stereotype obese hermits everyone imagines, but are physically very active playing sports and going to the gym.

Seventy percent of these women are quite happy in their relationships and believe that playing games helps them remain happy and smart. Just like with any other demographic of gamers, female gamers benefit from the mental stimulation that gaming provides.(source)

7 Gamers were able to separate the structure of an enzyme that caused a disease such as AIDS in monkeys when solving an online puzzle Foldit in 2001. What the researchers were trying to solve for 13 years, took the gamers only three weeks.

FOLDIT Protein Puzzle
Image Source: kristenbaumlier.com

According to Neuroscientist Erinma Ochu, the brain is designed to recognize and analyze patterns, a natural ability that we are trying to have the computers emulate for us. Gaming is one such area wherein, in the heat of the moment, the brain works much faster and is more receptive than a computer when it comes to solving puzzles.

Games based on scientific puzzles are a great help to scientists wrestling with new puzzles. Having such a large gamer community trying to solve the same problem is a massive place for endless possibilities.(source)


8 Games like Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty can improve your sensory motor skills and vision-motor movement coordination – an ability that lets you master a skill faster. 

Increased Sensorimotor Skills Through Action Games
Image Sources: Telegraph, gamewallpapers

In an experiment conducted by the University of Toronto, 18 gamers and 18 non-gamers were asked to play a game of keeping a green square in the center of a moving circle, using a mouse.

The test was designed to test the participant’s ability to coordinate what they see with their mouse movement, and how fast and accurately they can achieve it. Since it was a new task, the gamers initially performed at a similar level as the non-gamers.

But by the end of the test, the gamers showed significant improvement in their coordination as they were able to master the skill faster than the non-gamers.(source)


9 A study reveals that gamers are more efficiently tuned into their environment, can identify distractions and return their focus to their main task faster.

Gamers are Good at Identifying Distractions and Focussing
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Neuroscientist Daphne Bavelier was able to measure the electrical signals using ECG headsets on a group of gamers and non-gamers. They were all asked to watch a screen on which three rapid sequences of letters appeared simultaneously. They were told to focus on one of the three and press a button when the numbers appeared, while ignoring distractions.

The ability to focus was measured to be the same for both of them, but the response time of gamers was shorter and they were able to easily ignore unnecessary or distracting information which made them faster decision makers.(source)

10 Playing video games can improve the brain’s ability to recognize detail, in people born with eye problems such as cataract. Researchers say the brain is plastic enough to learn better sight.

Gaming can Improve Eyesight
Image Source: www.jeremyb.org

Gaming requires a lot of eye movement, spotting things and reacting to them. People with eye problems such as children who live and grow up with cataracts might find it difficult even after surgery to process the visual detail of what they see. This happens because their brains are used to processing incomplete images received from the eyes.

A test was conducted with six adults aged between 19 and 31 who suffered from cataracts during their childhood. They were asked to play shooter games for 40 hours a month, after which they were able to read two extra lines on the eye chart than earlier.(source)

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