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28 Legen-DARY Facts about “How I Met Your Mother” that You Never Knew!

15. In the episode where Ted and Robin break up, there was a real life proposal!

himym proposal
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During the episode, a ring was in a champagne glass and Robin thought Ted was proposing. In actuality, the ring belonged to a man at the next table. Apparently, he had planned his proposal with the producers. *collectively awws*


16. Had the show not been picked up after season 1, they would’ve ended it with Victoria being the mother.

ashley williams
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17. In real life, Cristin Milioti (the mother) is only two years older than her TV daughter Lyndsy Fonseca and four years older than her TV son David Henrie. 

cristin milioti
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18. The mother’s first name is already mentioned in season 1 episode 9.

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When a stripper tells Ted she is called Tracy, Ted’s off-voice tells his children ‘this is the true story of how I met your mother’. The kids’ shocked reaction reveals that it’s the real name of their mother.

19. In season 9, Barney says that you will never meet a girl for the first time, look them in the eyes and tell them they are the love of your life. However, when his daughter is born and he holds her in his arms for the first time, he immediately knows she is the girl he loves.

barney daughter
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Tissues, anybody?

20. Barney is truly the inventor of “The Bro Code”. According to the number of Google searches, the phrase was non-existent until 2008.

barney legendary
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21. Jason Segel didn’t know his character’s father was going to die in the show until Alyson Hannigan (Lily Aldrin) said her line while filming. His reaction was so perfect that they only filmed that one take.

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