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18 Less-Known Facts About Cats That Every Cat Owner Should Know!

7. Whenever a cat slowly closes its eyes and opens them again or winks at you, that means they trust you and recognize you as a friend.

cat winks
Image credits: Antonino Taverna via wikimedia

Cats communicate mainly through their eyes. A slow blinking is a positive sign where the cat says that it trusts you and considers you as their friend. A direct stare will unsettle the cat as it considers ‘direct stare’as a threat.(source)


8. A study found that pet cats do recognize their owner’s voice but choose to ignore their call/commands.

Image Source: Pinterest

A new study from the University of Japan conducted by Atsuko Saito and Kazutaka Shinozuka confirms a long held suspicion. Cats do recognize their owner’s voice but choose not to respond to it. Saito and Shinozuka suggest that this is possibly due to the fact that the cats ‘domesticated’ themselves (as humans began to farm, cats moved in to prey on rodents essentially evolving themselves as domesticated cats) rather than getting domesticated by the humans to obey human orders.(source)

9. Cats can become addicted to tuna and refuse to eat anything. They are known as  ‘Tuna Junkies’. However, eating too much of Tuna can cause the dangerous “Steatitis” or “Yellow Fat” disease (Pansteatitis).

Tuna Junkies
Image credits: Robert W. Howington via flickr

Tuna has a very strong flavor and smell, this can literally drive a cat crazy so much so, they begin to consume just the tuna and avoid other food placed before it. This addiction can turn serious as a consistent diet of tuna can lead to mercury poisoning in cats. The other problem with the ‘tuna-only’diet is that this diet can cause malnutrition. Tuna doesn’t have the required amount of Vitamin E, a deficiency of vitamin E will lead to a condition called “Steatitis” or “Yellow Fat” disease (Pansteatitis).(source)


10. Ancestors of modern day cats relied on their modern-day an adequate amount of water but the present day cats diet of dry foods prevent the cats from staying hydrated. This may lead to Kidney disease and various other complications. So keep your cats hydrated!

cat drinking water
Image credits: pixabay

A cat’s body is about 70% water. Modern-day cats eat plenty of dry food which has only 10% of the water. So they need water to stay hydrated. Cats who eat canned foods get an adequate supply of the water from the food itself (canned food contains 78% of water). Cats who do not get sufficient water can lead to stressing of the kidneys over time. Lack of water makes your cat susceptible to lower urinary tract diseases.(source 1,2 )

11. Feeding milk to an adult cat is a bad idea because adult cats do not produce Lactase – an enzyme that digests lactose present in the milk.

Image Source: VasenkaPhotography via flickr

Cats are natural carnivores. Milk has not been part of a wild cat’s diet. Lactase which would be produced by the young kitten will stop its production once the kitten is weaned from milk. Adult cats become lactose intolerant and feeding the cat with milk can cause upset tummy, cramps and even diarrhea.(source)

12. Many cats go crazy around catnip because it contains a chemical which is similar to the odor of a dominant female cat’s urine(in heat).

Image credits: Rob Bertholf via flickr

Catnip is a herb belonging to the mint family. Catnip contains the chemical trans-nepetalactone that affects the cats in a crazy way. trans-nepetalactone smells like the chemical found in the urine of a dominant female cat. This smell tricks the cat into believing that there is a female around and they set out to impress the female cats by rolling around, stretching the claws and doing anything crazy to get the attention of the female cat.(source 1,2)


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