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24 Wild Facts About “The Jungle Book” That Every Disney Fan Will Love!

19. Mowgli has a scar on the right side of his chest which appears to be the letter “r” and a “k” shaped scar on his left shoulder. This is a nod to the original author Rudyard Kipling, whose initials are “R” and “K”.  

sized scars
Image courtesy: Walt Disney Studios

20. The sounds heard when Mowgli is underwater on Baloo’s tummy are generated through high powered underwater speakers made by Oceanears.

Image courtesy: Glen Wilson/Disney Enterprises

21. Kaa is portrayed as villainous in every movie adaptation, but in the original book he saves Mowgli’s life twice and is considered a mentor and a friend. 

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22.  Shere Khan in this movie is not only based on his incarnations from the previous movies and book but also has elements of Scar from the 1994 movie The Lion King.

Shere Khan
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Although the most noticeable details are the scars on Shere Khan’s face, he kills the hero’s father and takes over his tribe, tries to throw him into a fiery pit and accuses him of being traitorous to his family. Much like Scar, he meets his end when the hero tricks him.

23. P.E.T.A awarded director Jon Favreau the Innovation in Film trophy for using all CGI animals and not harming any real animals during the production of the movie.

Innovation in Film trophy
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24. The film released in India a week ahead of its U.S. debut to pay homage to the Indian environment of the film/novel.

facts about the jungle book
image courtesy: Disney Enterprises

It set the record for the third-highest opening for a Hollywood movie ever in the country behind Fast and Furious 7 and Avengers 2, and is still going strong.(source)


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