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24 Less-known Facts About “The Avengers” that will make you watch it again!

19. The German police car skidding on its front end after Loki blasts it was a complete accident, as it failed to flip over initially.

Loki flips car
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20. Chris Hemsworth had to increase and expand his dietary/food intake in order to maintain the physique he built up for Thor (2011), consisting of chicken breasts, fish, steak and eggs every day (Hemsworth said he had to consume “his body weight in protein.”).

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21. The name “chitauri” originates from Zulu mythology and is used to describe a “serpent race from the sky”.

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22. After Loki is brought on board the Helicarrier, Tony Stark can be seen wearing a Black Sabbath T-shirt. Black Sabbath is better known for their song “Iron Man.” Although the song was not originally associated with the Marvel Comics character, it has since been referenced in the comics and the end of Iron Man (2008) when Tony quotes the lyric, “I am Iron Man.”

black sabbath
Image Source: marvel studios

23. When Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner are blasted to a lower deck of the Helicarrier, it triggers Banner’s transformation into the Hulk. As he is transforming, he falls from a platform to the floor. On the floor is painted “WARNING CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE” with small arrows, which happen to be pointing to Banner.

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24. According to Joss Whedon, the film is strongly influenced by the early 1960s Avengers comics, which he was a fan of while growing up: “In those comics these people shouldn’t be in the same room let alone on the same team – and that is the definition of family.”

The Avengers inspired from 1960s Avengers comics
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