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24 Less-known Facts About “The Avengers” that will make you watch it again!

13. The CGI Hulk’s body was modeled after Long Island bodybuilder and male stripper Steve Romm, while the Hulk’s face was modeled after Mark Ruffalo.

Facts about The Avengers
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14. The Avengers production shot battle scenes for New York City’s 42nd Street in Cleveland, Ohio on East 9th Street using real soldiers of America. Army Reserve soldiers assigned to the 391s Military Police Battalion provided the background action in battle scenes. 

Image Source: marvel studios

15. Chris Evans was unsure about his character’s line, “I understood that reference!” because he was worried that it would make audiences think that his character was unintelligent. However, he was quickly comforted after he watched the movie with an audience and he saw that they found the line humorous as opposed to stupid.

Captain America
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16. After Thor takes Loki off the Quinjet down on the mountain side, two large ravens fly by them as they are talking. In Norse mythology, their father, Odin, had two ravens, Huginn, and Muninn, who would bring Odin information from Midgard (Earth).

Ravens Of Odin
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17. Joss Whedon explained that two of the founding Avengers members Ant-Man and Wasp were cut from the script because the film had too many characters.

ant man and wasp
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18. ‘The Avengers’ holds an unusually high number of Academy Award nominees: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, director Joss Whedon, and cinematographer Seamus McGarvey have all been nominated for Oscars in the past.

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