18 Bizarre Research Papers That Will Surprise You With Their Unusual Subjects

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7 Yes, chicken feathers can determine the speed of a tornado.

image source: wikipedia.org

“Chicken Plucking as Measure of Tornado Wind Speed” written by B.Vonnegut says the wind speed in a tornado’s vortex can be determined by the air speed required to blow all feathers off a chicken. A complicated set of calculations involving force, velocity and feathers can give you the answer.(source)

8 Farting makes you feel better physically and mentally.

farting in public
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Author and psychologist Dr.Mara Sidoli published “Farting as a defence against unspeakable dread” in the Journal of Analytical Psychology. The report dealt with a severely disturbed boy with adopted latency. Peter, the boy, developed farting as a self-defense mechanism. Apparently farting when threatened provided Peter with a protective shield.(source)

9 What is the best way to dunk a biscuit?

dunking a biscuit
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Len Fisher who published “Physics takes the biscuit” won an Ig Nobel for his efforts. Fisher noted that the biscuit/cookie dunking action involved a liquid penetrating a porous medium by capillary action. Fisher suggested a dunking method where the cookies are dunked horizontally rather than vertically. Now that’s a complicated way to get a soft cookie.(source)


10 Can magnets levitate a frog?

Rhacophorus nigropalmatus
Image credits: Stephen Dalton / NPL / Rex

Michael Berry and Andre Geim’s research in 1997 into the possible effects of magnetism on water scaling led to the famous discovery of direct diamagnetic levitation of water. This subsequently led to a frog being levitated when the same method was used. They won the 2000 Ig Nobel prize for this wonderful feat.(source)

11 How dangerous are collapsing toilets?

image source: wikipedia.org

JP.Wyatt, GW.McNaughton and WM.Tullet who published, “The collapse of toilets in Glasgow” in a Scottish medical journal said that old toilets can be prone to collapsing, which can lead to injuries that may even require hospital treatment.(source)

12 Can a falling coconut cause serious injury?

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“Injuries due to falling coconuts”,  published in The Journal of Trauma by P.Barss informs us: Yes, falling coconuts can cause injury to the head, shoulders and back. It may seem like an obvious thing, but hey, being absolutely sure doesn’t hurt.(source)

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Picture 18 Bizarre Research Papers That Will Surprise You With Their Unusual Subjects
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