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15 Interesting, Little-Known Facts About Your Favourite Movies That You Probably Never Knew

11. No special effects were involved in the “Spider-Man”scene where Parker catches his lady love MJ and her tray of Food.

Spiderman tray scene
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The 2002 Spider-Man had a scene where Peter Parker is sitting in the cafeteria and his crush MJ walks by carrying her tray of food. She accidentally slips on some spilled orange juice causing her tray to fly up in the air. Luckily Parker saves the day for MJ by catching hold of her and by catching the entire tray of food. This scene was shot without using CGI.  Sam Raimi, the director used a sticky substance to glue the plate on Maguire’s hand. He shot the scene several times until Maguire got MJ and all the things on the plate without dropping. MJ’s stunned reaction at the completion of the scene is probably more realistic as it allowed them to move on to the next scene.(source)


12. Apollo Creed, an important character from “Rocky” was heavily inspired by the famous boxer Muhammed Ali.

Apollo Creed in Rocky
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In 1975, Ali who was at his peak fought a little-known boxer named Chuck Wepner. Ali was the hot favorite to win the boxing bout and he did win the match, but it took him the full 15 rounds to secure his win. Wepner’s indomitable spirit and his courage in going the full length inspired Sylvester Stallone to write the screenplay for his classic movie Rocky. Apollo Creed, who plays the antagonist in Rocky was based on Muhammed Ali.(source)

13. Scarlett Johansson is the voice of Mindy in the movie, “The SpongeBob Squarepants.”

Scarlet voiced Mindy
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The SpongeBob Square Pants movie is an American animated/live-action comedy movie. The movie released in 2004 was based on Nickelodeon’s famous series, SpongeBob Square Pants. The SpongeBob movie as it was generally called was the second Nickelodeon movie to get a sequel after, The Rugrats. Directed by series director, Stephen Hillenburg, the film showed SpongeBob leaving the town of  Bikini Bottom in order to track down King Neptune’s stolen crown. The movie boasted of several famous actors as its voice actors. Scarlet Johansson gave the voice to Mindy, the daughter of Neptune who helps SpongeBob on his quest.(source)


14. Strong female characters in popular literature turned films are influencing the names of hundreds of baby girls. Hermione Granger leads the crowd with more than 500 baby girls named after her.

Female characters in famous movies
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The smashing success of popular books turned movies are seeing a new trend. New mothers are getting heavily influenced by the strong female characters such as Hermione, Bella, Katniss  from Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, Hunger Games. These fictional characters are leaving a permanent mark on the lives of newborn babies. 29 girls have been named Katniss since the release of the movie “Hunger Games”in 2012. Hermione Granger, a name that was not popular earlier jumped to seventeen occurrences in 2002, a year after Harry Potter release. The figures are in 3 digits now. More than 500 female babies have been named Hermione since.’Bella Swan’ from Twilight Saga is seeing an upward tick as well.(source)

15. 29 days after Titanic sank, the movie “Saved from the Titanic” released and the American actress Dorothy Gibson who starred in the movie was a real survivor of RMS Titanic.

Saved From The Titanic (1912)
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‘Saved from the Titanic’ was the first film based on the tragic sinking of  the Titanic. Dorothy Gibson, the American actress who starred in the movie survived the sinking of RMS Titanic. Gibson was one of the 28 people in the first lifeboat that was launched by Titanic. She was rescued from the sea five and a half hours later. On returning to New York, she co-wrote the script and played a fictionalized version of herself. The plot was based on her experiences in the disaster. To lend credence to the movie, Gibson chose to dress up in the same dress that she had worn while escaping from the Titanic.

The movie released in America just 29 days after the tragic event. It was well received in America, England, France. This was the last film of Dorothy Gibson as she suffered a mental breakdown after the completions of the movie.(source)


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