18 Weird and Interesting Pictures From The Past You’ve Never Seen Before

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13 Rare smiling photo of a soldier at war during 1956 with a strong message on his hat

war is hell
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Many American soldiers were sent to Vietnamese war and Airborne Brigade Battalion member Larry Wayne Chaffin was one of them.

This iconic photo was taken by Horst Faas. The picture clearly depict what a young soldier on war feel like.

War is Hell is a phrase used by William Sherman, an American soldier and educator in his speech.

14 Ducks being used as a part of medical therapy in 1956

Animals used as a part of medical therapy
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Researchers have confirmed that throwing bread to ducks can be a pastime but it can be a lifeline to some too.

Especially if patient are feeling isolated and lonely, duck therapy can be a big psychological boost and aid in their treatment.

The above photo where it shows a girl being treated and smiling while gazing at the ducks confirms that duck therapy is not new.(source)

15 Photograph of a Hippo being used to pull cart in 1924

Hippo cart in 1924
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Hippopotamus are known to be aggressive animals. They are not afraid of attacking animals bigger than their size.

But a circus hippo has been trained to behave politely and even pull a two-wheeled cart. The name of the hippo is Lotus.


16 Amazing photo of frozen Niagara Falls from 1911

Frozen Niagara Falls, 1911
Image source: imgur

Niagara Falls is located in the international borders of Canada and United States.

When the temperature falls below zero degrees, the water turns to ice. And thus, the entire waterfall turns into a frozen wonderland, just like the place Narnia from the fantasy movie Chronicles of Narnia.

This is probably the first ever photograph taken of a frozen Niagara Falls.

17 Burnt and melted wax figures after a fire outbreak at Madame Tussauds in 1930

Melted and damaged mannequins
Image source: imgur

The Madame Tussauds at London known its collection of wax sculptures was on fire on March 19th 1925. It was heavily damaged and almost all of the wax melted. The remaining which were little or moderately damaged were kept aside which were later photographed.

The wax fuel is considered to be the cause of this accident. This photograph in itself is very unsettling. (source)

18 The most beautiful suicide, 1947

most beautiful suicide
Image source: Time

The woman in the photo is Evelyn McHale who jumped to death from 83rd floor observation deck of the Empire State Building.

It is believed that she committed suicide after separating from her fiancé. She wrote in a note “He is much better without me”.

Just after 4 minutes of her death a photography student Robert Wiles took this photo with this photography skills. And because of the way it is taken, it is termed as “The Most Beautiful Suicide”. (source)

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