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15 Weird Psychological Reasons for People Falling in Love

11. Time to wear that bold red!

red color dress
Image credits: pixabay

Women in red dresses are considered highly attractive and confident. Red has that thing about it! It radiates high self – esteem and a ‘take charge’ personality. Red is also sexually arousing and appealing. This is considered because women usually use red to attract males. Additionally, it is not just the men who are attracted to red. Women too appreciate the colour on a potential mate and find it highly attractive. (Source: 1, 2)


12. Smile, smile and SMILE!

Image credits: pixabay

Smiling is infectious! And attractive too! Researchers have found a connection between attractiveness and happiness. Also, smiling radiates positive energy and makes the other person feel accepted. It has even been noticed that a genuine smile can compensate for relative physical unattractiveness in most cases. So, smile along! (Source)

13. Match the pace!

Match the pace
Image credits: pixabay

A similar walking pace is also one of the psychological reasons for love. When a man finds a romantic pursuit, he prefers matching pace with the woman by decreasing walking pace. On the other hand, when no romantic interests are involved, normal walking speeds are preferred. (Source)


14. The chords to his or her heart!

Image Credits: pixabay

Playing music is one of the most attractive acts. But what is more, is that it also influences sexual selection. A musician is usually considered more attractive compared to a physically similar non – musician avatar. Got to pick up your guitars and go rock the stage of ‘love’! (Source)

15. Facial hair?

Image credits: pixabay

Definitely! One of the major psychological reasons for love of a woman is the presence of facial hair. Studies indicate that heavy stubble is perceived as more attractive than light stubble, heavy beard or even the ‘chocolaty’ clean shave. Maybe it is the civilized masculinity that pulls the strings of her libido. More the facial hair, more masculine a woman finds you, but girls won’t just date furry bears now! (Source)


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