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15 Most Unexpected Things Ever Found And Their Surprising Backstories

10. An old man in Washington state photographed a caterpillar that looks like it has the image of a human face on its back. Some think it’s Edgar Allan Poe while others insist it’s Robin Williams.

Caterpillar with a face of Edgar Allan Poe
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A man in Washington state found a caterpillar with the image of a human face on its back. The man, Robert Palmer, 70, insists there are no tricks here. He found the bug sitting on the edge of a trough while he was giving his horse some water. People have tried guessing who the man in the picture may be, and there are guesses ranging from Robin Williams to Edgar Allen Poe.


Palmer says, “I can’t even use my smart phone half the time, much less do some special computer effects.”

“One lady told me it looked like the devil. I didn’t want nothing to do with her if she’s seen the devil,” he said with a laugh.

Palmer says he tried to keep the caterpillar alive, but it died. (source)

9. A Texas oilman stole a 1974 Ferrari Dino which was later found buried in the yard of a home in Los Angeles. The car had been reported stolen in 1974 by owner Rosendo Cruz.

Ferrari found buried in yard
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In February 1978 a Ferrari Dino 246 GTS was dug up from the yard of a Los Angeles home.

When investigators looked into the excavated vehicle, the license plate 832 LJQ, was revealing. It turns out it was bought in October 1974 by Rosendo Cruz of Alhambra, California and was reportedly stolen on December 7, 1974. The police report is available at the Rampart Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.

buried ferrari

However, even after more than 30 years after it was found, the Ferrari Dino remains unlisted on any Dino registry.(source)

8. Now there is scientific proof that the famed poet and playwright William Shakespeare used ‘weed’ to get his creative juices flowing. Scientists from South Africa have dug up 400-year-old tobacco pipes from Shakespeare’s garden and found cannabis residue in them.

Cannabis found from Shakespeare’s garden
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Scientists from South Africa have excavated 400-year-old tobacco pipes from Shakespeare’s garden. They have been discovered to contain cannabis residue.

These pipes were analyzed in Pretoria, South Africa using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Shakespeare has referred to his love for cannabis in Sonnet 76 where he wrote “invention in a noted weed.” Now we have scientific proof that the famed poet and playwright used ‘weed’ to get his creative juices flowing.

Analysts, however, have confirmed that even though several narcotic substances were available in the 17th century, no cocaine residues were found in the pipes.(source)


7. Spiral shaped metal objects made of copper, tungsten, and molybdenum dating back 20,000 years have been found in Russia. Since humans invented metalworking only 6,000 years ago, no one knows where these objects came from.

20,000 years old Metal objects
Image source

In the years 1991 to 1993, people found unusual and mostly spiral-shaped objects on the river Narada on the eastern side of the Ural Mountains. Several of these artifacts have been found at several different sites near the rivers Narada, Kozhim, and Balbanyu, and also by two smaller streams called Vtvisty and Lapkhevozh.

The size of the objects found ranged from a maximum of 3 centimeters down to an incredible 0.003 millimeters which were mostly found at depths between three and twelve meters

The larger of these spiral forms are made of copper and the smaller of rare metals like tungsten and molybdenum. All tests date these objects to 20,000 years ago. No one knows where they came from. (source)

6. A first aid kit dating back over 2,000 years was found in an old shipwreck off the port of Piombino, Italy. It contains pills made of ground-up vegetables, herbs, and plants such as celery, carrots, and chestnuts which were so well sealed they survived for over two millennia.

2,000 years old first-aid kit
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A first aid kit was found on a 2,000-year-old shipwreck that was discovered off the port of Piombino, Italy in 1974. The wooden box, however, was found in 1989. Scientists have used DNA sequencing to analyze the pills only just recently.

These medicines have revealed how ancient physicians prepared medicines to treat seafaring sailors.

The kit contained pills made of ground-up vegetables, herbs, and plants such as celery, carrots, and chestnuts. The box also contained parsley, nasturtium, radish, yarrow, and hibiscus extracts. All of these ingredients have been mentioned in classical medical texts.

“The plants and vegetables were probably crushed with a mortar and pestle – we could still see the fibres in the tablets. They also contained clay, which even today is used to treat gastrointestinal problems,” Telegraph quoted Alain Touwaide, from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Washington DC.(source)


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