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10 Facts About The Paris Attacks You Need to know.

3. A man’s cell phone saved his life after he was his by shrapnel from an explosion. 

A man who was near the Stade de France was hit my flying shrapnel after one of two explosions went off. He reportedly had just hung up his phone when the explosion went off right in front of him. “Everything was blown to bits,” he recalled. He fell and got up and ran into a group of reporters that were on the scene.(source)

2. A man with a piano attached to his bike, pulled up to the Bataclan concert hall to play “Imagine”  by John Lennon and then left.

Pianist David Martello (a.k.a. Klavierkunst) drove 400 miles through the night to pay tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks. David was in a German pub when the attacks started and decided instantly to make the 400 mile trip with his piano on  trailer.

“I phoned my friend to talk about it, got in the car and drove all through the night”.

David is known for traveling around conflict zones to play his piano and had previously performed at the Charlie Hebdo attacks earlier this year. (source)

1. The whole world reacted to the Paris attacks. 

The whole world reaction to Paris attacks
Image source: imgur
Students around Mumbai wrote words of love and support and posted them to the web for the citizens of France to see. 

Mumbai India experienced a similar terrorist attack almost exactly 8 years ago when 10 Pakistani members of Lashkar-e-Taiba orchestrated 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks that lasted 4 days across the city. 164 people were killed injuring 308. They displayed their support by posting messages of love and solidarity. (Source)

mumbai reaction on paris attack
Image source: imgur
The incoming Polish government paid their respects to the victims in France before being sworn into office.

The ministers traveled to the French Embassy to lay wreaths in honor of the victims before taking office. Polish citizens also placed objects of remembrance for those that have fallen.

Poland griefs on paris attack
Image source: wikipedia
Russians expressed their sorrow by placing flowers, candles and icons outside of the French Embassy in Moscow.

A mountain of offerings were neatly placed in front of the embassy that was 7 – 10 meters long. A line of people have been coming to the French Embassy since the night after the attacks. The shrine is filled with hand-crafted posters that say “Pray for France,” “Stop the War,” “Je suis Paris,” and similar phrases in several languages.

Russia reacted on paris attack
Image source: wikipedia
Sweden and Denmark pay honor the victims of Paris attacks before the Euro 2016 play-off football match in Solna, Sweden.

A stadium full of 50,000 fans was silent in respect for the victims of the Paris attacks. Fans and players bowed their heads as the walls of the stadium illuminated in blue, white and red.

sweden and denmark reaction toward paris attack
Image courtesy: Marcus Ericsson/AFP/Getty Images(taken from)

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