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15 Lesser-Known Facts About WWE That Every WWE Fan Needs To Know!

6. Mike Tyson has technically been a member of D-Generation X since 1998.


Tyson was first introduced as a “special enforcer” for the WWF Championship match featuring Stone Cold, Steve Austin, and Sean Michaels. While being given the opportunity in the ring during Monday Night Raw by Vince McMahon, Tyson and McMahon were interrupted by Stone Cold which resulted in a shoving match primarily between Tyson and Austin.

After accepting the role as the “special enforcer”, Tyson was brought out yet again by McMahon live on Raw. This time being interrupted by D-Generation X. Another altercation ensued between Tyson and Sean Michaels which ended with Michaels ripping off Tyson shirt to reveal his allegiance to D-Generation X.

But, during the Championship match between Austin and Michaels, Tyson showed his allegiance to Stone Cold knocking out Sean Michaels at the end of the match.

But as recently as 2010, Mike Tyson matched up against DX in a tag team match with his partner Chris Jericho where Tyson turned on Jericho in the end and aligned himself with Tipple H and Sean Michaels. He has since been inducted into the WWE hall of fame by Sean Michaels and Triple H. (source) 

7. After leaving the WWE, professional wrestler CM Punk has become a writer for Marvel Comics and Vertigo Comics (DC Imprint). 

CM Punk
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After not appearing in either Raw and Smackdown despite being advertised, Punk thanked his fans and said that he would never return to wrestling. This was a result of being suspended for 2 months after his initial walk out. He claims to have never been contacted after his suspension was over and had a difficult time when it came to collecting his royalty payments. He also went on to state that health was also a factor in his departure.

CM Punk went on to write the intro to 2012’s Avenger’s Vs. X-Men and is currently co-writing an upcoming series called Drax. (source)

8. The Flintstones and WWE did a crossover movie called, “The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown!”

The Flintstones & WWE- Stone Age SmackDown!
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In the first Flintstones production in over 14 years, Fred Flintstone convinces Barney Ruble to wrestle in order to get back Fred’s families vacation money. The film stars The Bella Twins, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Vince McMahon, The Undertaker, and Mark Henry.

The film is the first Flintstone’s production since the death of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Although the film was released in 2015 the wrestlers reportedly recorded their vocals during Summer Slam 2013. (source)


9. John Cena holds the record at the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the most wishes granted by a single individual. 

Make-A-Wish Foundation by john cena
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With Justin Bieber following in second place, John Cena holds the current record for the most wishes granted at Make-A-Wish-Foundation with over 500 wishes.

One of his latest wishes was for cancer survivor Kiara Grindrod along with Sting at Monday Night Raw, where Cena congratulated Kiara for winning her battle with cancer. The crowd chanted ‘this is awesome’ while Sting gave her his glove. (1,2)

10. The Undertaker had 6 different names during his Professional wrestling career, one of which is Cain The Undertaker. 

The Undertaker
Image credit: Miguel Discart(flickr)

Having multiple names throughout his career is not a strange thing in professional wrestling, but the strangest name in the list of the Undertakers names is Cain The Undertaker. This is especially odd considering the Brothers of Destruction duo the Undertaker and Kane.

The Undertaker has been wrestling for over 25 years and has the longest win streak in Wrestlemania history win 21 wins and 0 (zero) lose. He finally ended that streak at Wrestlemania XXX, losing to Brock Lesnar. (source)


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