15 Unbelievable Incidents from past that no one is going to believe happened!

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6 When a Frenchman and a Russian fired at one another in the Crimean War nearly 150 years ago, their bullets collided. 

bullets collided
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The possibility of this happening has been touted as a billion-to-one, and yet, happen it did. The bullets, after colliding, fused into a metallic mass. However, the exact site of the dicovery of the bullets has been kept from the public.(source)

7 In 1949, a bear and a man fought an official boxing match. In case you were wondering, the bear won.

Man boxing a bear 1949
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Boxer Gus Waldorf was pitted against a bear in this boxing bout of 1949. However, to ensure a fair game, the bear’s teeth and claws were restricted using a muzzle and boxing gloves. Despite this, the bear won fair and square.(source)

8 In 1978, scientists chanced upon a Russian family of six that had been living in the Siberian wilderness for 40 years, and were completely cut off from all civilization; they knew nothing about cellophane, television, the Moon landing, or World War II.

Karp Lykov and his daughter Agafia
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The Lykov family lived on a mountain in the Serbian taiga, 150 miles away from the nearest human settlement. They had fled into the taiga in a bid to escape persecution on religious grounds in 1936, retreating further into the taiga as the years advanced. The youngest of the four children had never met another human outside their isolated family, and things such as bread were alien to them. However, they were taught to read and write by their mother, who used the Bible and the prayer books at their disposal to teach them.(source)


9 A man noticed his food going missing, and in a bid to find out where it went, he set up a webcam, only to discover that a woman had been living in his closet.

woman living in closet
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When his food kept disappearing, a man in Japan set up a webcam that transmitted images to his phone to see what was happening: he got the footage, along with what was probably the biggest surprise of his life when a 58-year-old woman was found hiding in the top compartment of his closet. The homeless woman, who had been living in the man’s closet for a year, and was arrested on grounds of trespassing, told police that she snuck into the house a year ago after the owner had left it unlocked.(source)

10 German photographer Birk Mobius clicked a picture of a plane being struck by lightning while it flew through a rainbow.

Lightning Hits A Plane
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This is a remarkable photograph; however, aircrafts being hit by lightning are not as uncommon as you might think: in fact, an aircraft will possibly be hit by lightning at least twice in its lifetime. Therefore, in order to protect passengers, as well as the plane, modern aircrafts have a thin layer of copper coating, along with fuel tanks that can withstand high temperatures.(source)

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Picture 15 Unbelievable Incidents from past that no one is going to believe happened!
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