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This List Of 20 Facts About Things You Do In Your Lifetime Will Blow Your Mind.

16. Two weeks – that’s how long the average person spends on kissing, in a lifetime. 

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17. Women spend nearly one year of their lives deciding what to wear. Men just have it so much easier. 

what to wear?
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18. Humans spend a third of their lives sleeping. That’s about 25 years. But is any amount of sleep ever enough? Sigh. 

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Bonus fact: And about 6 years of those dreaming!

19. In a lifetime, your brain’s long-term memory can hold as many as 1 quadrillion (1 million billion) separate bits of information. You superhuman, you. 

Brain Memory
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20. The average person walks 75,000 miles (120,000 km) in a lifetime. That’s roughly the distance you’d cover if you walked around the world five times. 

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