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15 Crazy Facts About Alcohol That Will Make Your Head Turn

10. Beer-flavoured ice cream exists and it will definitely get you tipsy!

beer flavored ice creams
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Frozen Pints has created a whole range of craft beer ice creams. Whether your preference is light or dark, there’s something for everyone. This is probably the most delicious way to drink, because each of these ice creams has certain alcohol content, as well.(source)


Brown Ale Chip, I will find you and eat you!

11. In Newfoundland, water from icebergs is harvested to make premium alcohol such as Iceberg Vodka.

Iceberg Vodka
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A Canadian company, Iceberg Vodka Corporation, is the only one in the world that uses water harvested from icebergs to create its signature vodka. Each year, in spring, the company collects tonnes of glacial ice from Newfoundland’s famous Iceberg Alley. Initially, the company had hoped to conquer the bottled water market, but the purity of iceberg water makes it particularly vulnerable to microbial contamination. However, a stroke of genius later, they began adding alcohol to the water and voila! Iceberg Vodka was born.

You have to get your hands on the vodka that, in 2004, beat out Grey Goose to be crowned the number one premium vodka in the Greater New York Chapter of Taster’s Guild International blind taste test. It’s so good that the company relies mostly on guerrilla marketing and word-of-mouth to sell its bottles.(source)


12. Australian scientists have created a hydrating, hangover-free beer.

Hangover free beer
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Thanks to nutrition researchers at Griffith University’s Health Institute, hangover-free beer is now a reality! The scientists added electrolytes to two commercial beers – one regular beer and one of the light variety – and discovered that the light beer was three times as hydrating as the regular brew. If you’re a pro-drinker, you already know that hydration is what keeps the awful hangovers away.(source)

Have all our drinking prayers been answered?

13. A quirky bar in New York mimics the stock market, every night.

The Exchange Bar & Grill
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At the Exchange Bar & Grill, a real-time ‘drink ticker’ shows how prices of drinks fluctuate, depending on the popularity of a cocktail. If you play the market right, you can enjoy fancy drinks for very little money when they hit ‘rock bottom’. If you get lucky, you might be around for the Market Crash when prices of all beers fall to $2, all drinks for $3 and top-shelf liquor is available for as low as $4. Lucky for us, these awesome stock exchange bars are popping up closer home, as well!(source)

We know what you’re doing this Saturday!

14. The creators of Budweiser always placed a few drops of the brew on the tongues of their new-born sons.

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The extremely regal, world-renowned beer manufacturing family, Anheuser-Busch had a rather peculiar tradition. As the company was passed down from father to son for five generations, the creators of Budweiser ensured that the love for beer was inculcated from a very young age.

A few drops of the ‘King of Beers’ was placed on the tongues of new-born sons, just hours after their birth, even before they had tasted mother’s milk! And the legacy continued.(source)

15. Even with income, education, and other correlates controlled, intelligent people drink more alcohol.

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Blame it on evolution. No, seriously. Drinking alcohol is evolutionarily novel. Evolutionarily novel means that more intelligent people are better able to understand, and deal with, ideas and lifestyles. Subsequently, these unusual ideas and lifestyles form the basis for their preferences and values.

Human consumption of liquor was, up until 10,000 years, accidental and unintentional. Fermented fruits with trace amounts of ethanol were eaten, unknowingly, before the advent of agriculture. It was only later than human beings discovered the intentional fermentation of fruits and grain to produce ethanol.

Since the substance and method of consumption (drinking, not eating) are both evolutionarily novel, intelligent people are more likely to consume alcohol, than those with lower IQs.(source)



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