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22 Mysterious facts and incidents that still remain unexplained to this date!

15. There is a 240 paged book called The Voynich Manuscript, it was said to be written in the early 15th century in a language completely unknown.

Voynich manuscript
Image source: Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University

The illustrations point to the possibility that the book is a medieval or early modern book of medicine. The Voynich manuscript has been studied by many professional cryptographers, yet no one has succeeded in deciphering the text.(source)


16. The “Traub,” the rarest motorcycle in the world, was found behind a brick wall in Chicago in 1968, and still runs to this day.

1916 Traub Motorcycle
Image source:

An examination from Dale Walksler, the current owner, reveals it can be dated back to 1916. The engine’s technology was well ahead of its time, and even some mechanisms on it had never used on any other American motorcycle.(source)

17. A man spent 67 years of his life stereoblind, which is the inability to experience depth perception. Only after having to pay for 3D glasses to watch the movie Hugo, that his brain suddenly clicked.

Image source:

About 5-10% of the population who have stereoblindness see the world as if it was a background image. He was able to experience three dimensional vision long after the movie ended even though conventional wisdom stated that it is impossible.(source)

18. In 1975 odd and anxious behaviors of dogs and other animals led to the evacuation of a city who, hours later, experienced a 7.3 magnitude earthquake.

Haicheng quake of 1975
Image source:

In the Chinese city of Haicheng, these observations led to an order for 90,000 residents to evacuate the city. Only a few hours afterward, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake destroyed nearly 90% of the city.(source)


19. The world’s largest virus, named Pandora, was found off the coast of Australia, it also holds about 93% of unidentified genetics.

Pandora virus
Image source:

This suggests an “extraterrestrial” origin, and they cannot say without absolute certainty that it does not pose a danger to human kind.(source)

20. The Devil’s Kettle, is a massive hole that swallows half a river and no one has any idea where it goes.

The Devil’s Kettle
Image source

Over the years, researchers and curious people alike have poured dye, ping pong balls, and even logs into the kettle. They would then search for any sign of their reappearance. So far none of the contents have ever been found.(source)

21. On Oak Island in Canada there is a giant hole in the ground said to house pirate treasures no one can reach.

the Oak Island Money Pit
Image source

The discovery of a tree nearby with robe damage indicated tales of pirates lowering treasure into the hole below. With financial backing a group of individuals began digging. After a few years they gave up the attempt for treasure because the constant flooding became to hard to maneuver. The only thing salvaged was a large stone that translated to: Forty feet below two million pounds are buried.(source)

22. “The Great Attractor,” as scientist call it, is a dark matter so dense it is pulling our galaxy, and many others, towards it!

clusters of galaxies in the Hydra Supercluster.
Image source:

At a speed of 22 million kilometers (14 million miles) per hr, this huge volume of space is roughly 250 million light years from our solar system. Which means that the eventual fate of the universe is tied to the presence of a dark matter and energy, and no one knows what it is!(source)

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