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22 Mysterious facts and incidents that still remain unexplained to this date!

8. “The Black Knight Satellite” whose origin and purpose were unknown, was spotted before any man-made satellites were launched.

Black Knight satellite
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In 1954, a retired air force major reported that the U.S Air Force spotted two satellites orbiting Earth. Some claim this black knight satellite may 13,000 years old, and has been both sighted and photographed.(source)


9. In 1967, Australia lost a prime- minister. It was one of the largest search operations in the country’s history, yet no remains, or personal belongings were ever found.

Prime Minister Harold Holt
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Harold Holt was Prime Minister for 22 months before he disappeared while swimming at Cheviot Beach. A massive man hunt began by police, Royal Australian Navy divers, Royal Australian Air Force helicopters, Army personnel, and many local volunteers.(source)

10. In 2003 a Boeing 727 was stolen from an Angolan airport even though the suspected thieves were believed to have no abilities to fly an aircraft.

Boeing 727
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The plane took off without any communication or clearance from the tower. With the lights off, and transponder disabled, it flew above the Atlantic Ocean never to be seen of again.(source)


11. A gorilla responds to a question about death with: “Comfortable hole, bye”

Koko the gorilla and Robin Williams
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There is a gorilla famous for knowing sigh language, named Koko. When asked where gorillas go after death, the gorilla hastily responded by signing “Comfortable hole, bye.”(source)

12. The Kepler telescope has spotted roughly 1,200 possible worlds, including 68 that are earth sized planets.

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1 out of every 37 to 1 out of every 70 sun-like stars may harbor an alien earth. These findings alone can hint to billions of planets in our galaxy that could harbor life.(source)

Do you still think we are alone in this universe?

13. In 1518, a “dancing plague” struck Strasbourg, Alsace.

Dancing Plague 1518
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Some suffered heart attacks, strokes, and many others died from sheer exhaustion. This was due to the fervent dancing in the streets that lasted over a period of about a month. Hundreds were affected, and it still remains unexplained.(source)

14. After enduring a brain injury in the shallow end of a swimming pool, a man awoke with the condition known as: Acquired Musical Savant Syndrome.

Derek Amato
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He may have lost 35% of his hearing, and some memory loss, but he gained the ability to become a great pianist. A few days after the incident he said he felt “inexplicably compelled” to sit at a keyboard.(source)



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