These Celebrity Facts Will Make You Question Just How Much You Think You Know About Them

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8 Ashton Kutcher is surprisingly business minded and is a product engineer for Lenovo, and also invested in Skype and Foursquare while they were only startup companies.

Ashton kutcher
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9 Mark Wahlberg had committed 20-25 offenses by the age of 21 which included throwing rocks at a bus full of black schoolchildren, and assaulting two Vietnamese men.

Mark Wahlberg
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Wahlberg often plays a tough guy in movies, but actually came from a rough background. By the age of 13 he was addicted to cocaine and other substances, and committed 20-25 offenses by the age of 21. He was even sentenced to prison for 2 years after pleading guilty of assault (for attacking two different Vietnamese guys on the same day), although only ended up serving 45 days.(source)

10 Matthew McConaughey actually becomes sexually aroused while eating because he has a “food fetish“.

Matthew McConaughey
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11 While filming a sex scene in “Superbad”, 17 year old McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) was required by law to have his mother on the set.

Super bad
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12 Sylvester Stallone actually wrote the script for Rocky and was homeless at the time. A week before he sold it, he had to sell his dog for $50, although managed to buy it back for $3000 with the money he made from the script.

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13 In protest for not having enough time to go to his trailer and relax while filming Zodiac, Robert Downey Jr. pissed in jars and left them lying around the set.

“Zodiac”, Robert Downey Jr.
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14 Jackie Chan’s parents were so poor they had to consider selling him to pay for the hospital bill.

Jackie Chan
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Born in April, 1954 to a poor couple who had just moved to Hong Kong from the province of Shandong in China, Jackie Chan’s parents were so poor they were nearly forced to adopt him out to pay for the hospital bills. Luckily, through hard work they managed to raise the money they needed.(source)

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Picture These Celebrity Facts Will Make You Question Just How Much You Think You Know About Them
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