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13 Facts About Adolf Hitler You Probably Don’t Know

10. Hitler dropped out of high school in 1905.

At the age of 16, Hitler dropped out of high school and despite his mother’s wish for him to learn a trade or get a job, he had dreams of becoming an artist. It is also known that he had to repeat his 6th year, and was rejected twice from an acclaimed art school. During his time gallivanting as a teen he met a good friend by the name of Linz Kubizek who learnt many of Hitler’s wildest dreams and fantasies, many of which Hitler orated with passion to his audience of one.(source)

11. Hitler relied heavily on drugs.

Hitler relied heavily on drugs
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Only recently discovered records and letters from Hitler’s physician show that he was often prescribed a cocktail of more than 80 different drugs each day. Pervitin in particular was his favorite (the main ingredient in crystal meth), and was issued to troops on his front line.(source)

12. Hitler was obsessed with his niece, Geli Raubal.

Hitler was obsessed with his niece, Geli Raubal.
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Hitler is known for having an unusual sex life, and in this case, a rather unsettling one. He was highly obsessed with his niece and rumor had it that the relationship was of a sexual nature. He never allowed her to get out and meet with friends, and as result of all this, she committed suicide when she was just 23 years old in 1931.(source)

13. Hitler was addicted to chocolate.

Hitler was addicted to chocolate.
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Perhaps an odd fact many people don’t know is that Hitler used to eat approximately one kilogram of chocolate every day. He even tried to kill Winston Churchill with a bomb disguised in dark chocolate and wrapped in black and gold paper which was luckily discovered by British agents.(source)

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