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Some Facts about Nutella You Need To Know Before You Take Another Bite

7. Tic-tacs and Nutella are manufactured by the same company.  

Ferrero products
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Ferrero, which is the largest chocolate producer in the world.  Not only do they manufacture Nutella, but also Ferrero Rocher. Tic-tac’s are also one of their products. The company also makes a line of Kinder products, most well-known for the Kinder Eggs.

8.  That stuff will burn!

Spectacular!  It burns. But, in reality, everything that contains such a high fat content and some carbohydrates will also catch fire.  Why, oh why would you want to burn it and not eat it?

9. World Nutella Day is actually a real thing.

On February 5, 2015 the world celebrated World Nutella Day.  This was the first year that the Ferrero company was officially involved. World Nutella Day has its own Facebook page and lots and lots of fans.


10. 5kg jars of Nutella!  You aren’t dreaming.

5kg jars of Nutella
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The Ferrero Company has created a couple of handy sizes for food service professionals. Nutella can be purchased in both 5 king tubs, which is 11.0231 pounds. The company says this is perfect for chefs and bakers. Professionals can also purchase 20 g sizes, which are called Portion Control Packs.

11. You used to be able to buy a loaf of Nutella.

After adding hazelnuts to his chocolate, Pietro originally sold Nutella as a slice from a loaf. His brother Giovanni helped. A few years later, Pietro figured out how to add vegetable oil to the loaf and make a spreadable paste. He named this SuperCrema.  Pietro’s son turned SuperCrema into Nutella in 1964 when he improved the recipe and developed the notable glass jar.

12. The United States didn’t get Nutella for 23 Years 

Even though families throughout Europe had enjoyed Nutella in one form or another for more than 40 years, it took a while to get to America. Nutella was first imported from Italy to the United States in 1983. At first, only the Northeastern section of the country was able to enjoy Nutella, but now it is available throughout the country and in over 160 countries.

13. You Could Cover The Great Wall Of China 8 Times With The Number Of Jars Of Nutella Sold In A Year.


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