10 Creepy Photos and their Disturbing Backstories

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6 On 29th October 2013, two maintenance workers embrace each other before dying after a wind turbine caught fire.

wind turbine caught fire
Image source: imgur

The photo above shows the heart breaking moment that two engineers aged just 19 and 21, embrace before their deaths. The wind turbine they were working on in Ooltgensplaat, Holland, caught fire during routine maintenance.(source)

7 The image below shows 13 year old Omayra Sanchez before she died, after being pinned down by house debris after a volcano eruption.

Omayra Sanchez
Image source: filing.pl

Known as the Armero Tragedy after a volcanic eruption in Colombia on Novermber 13, 1985, nearly 25,000 people lost their lives. This image shows Omayra Sanchez who was trapped under debris for 55 hours before succumbing to her injuries. Her courage and dignity during this time has touched the hearts of millions and her legacy lives on.(source)

8 This was captured seconds before American politician R. Budd Dwyer commits suicide on TV.

American politician, seconds before a suicide on TV
Image source

Caught on camera by a news crew, is American republican politician, Robert Budd Dwyer moments before he commits suicide using a Smith & Wesson Model 27. He was standing trial for bribery, and on the day of his suicide, professed his innocence and dictated prepared text about the criminal justice system.(read more)

9 An image taken just moments before these kids get struck by lightning. 

These kids were about to get hit by lighting.
Image source: dailymail.co.uk

The year was 1975, and these brothers (Sean and Michael McQuilken) were finding the static atmoshphere comical as can be seen in the image above. What they didn’t know was that they were about to be struck by lightning. Luckily both survived – albeit with severe burns – although one other person on the mountain (Moro Rock in Sequoia NP) wasn’t so fortunate.(source)

10 This devastating image shows the full extent of the Jonestown Mass Suicide.

Jonestown Mass Suicide
Image source

November 18th, 1978 was a tragic day for a lot of people in northwestern Guyana. A religious organization called “Jonestown” was under scrutiny by American press, and for good reason after Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones ordered a mass suicide-murder. A total of 913 people died, including a congressman who flew down to investigate the settlement after pleas from current members and concerned relatives.(source)

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