Oymyakon: A Town That Gets Colder than The Peak of Mt Everest

In addition to being a very cold place, this town is also haunted by darker afternoons with the sun being obscured most of the time by clouds of overhead mist.

The only shop that operates in Oymyakon
The only shop that operates in Oymyakon Image Courtesy:
A snow plow clears a road in Oymyakon
A snow plow clears a road in Oymyakon Image Courtesy:
A coal heating plant
A coal heating plant in the town keeps people warm Image Courtesy:

All these climatic extremes do not come at a surprise since Oymyakon lies a few hundred miles from the Arctic Circle. It is, therefore, a long shot to expect any substantial crop farming to take place.

Farmer watching over his cattle
An Oymyakon farmer watching over his cattle Image Courtesy:
Oymyakon cattle
Oymyakon cattle Image Courtesy:

The most common diet amongst the residents of the town comprises of reindeer, iced up horse blood and frozen fish. Don’t expect any visiting vegan tourists here.

Central Market In Yakutsk
At the Central Market In Yakutsk, fish and meat are the most common foods sold. Image Courtesy:

Fortunately, the presence of a thermal spring in the town’s vicinity allows reindeer farmers to water their livestock. In fact, the hot spring inspired the name Oymyakon which in English means “non-freezing water”.

Lady walks down a frozen bridge
Lady walks down a frozen bridge Image Courtesy:
A statue of Lenin in Yakutsk
A statue of Lenin at the central square of the town. Image Courtesy:
The Road of Bones
The Road of Bones was built using Gulag laborers and is the only link between Yakutsk and outside regions. Image Courtesy:

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